About Us

Argyll Etkin buy and sell Stamps, Postal History and Royalty Memorabilia in the Heart of London’s West End

History, Romance, Development of Society, Business, Diplomacy, Trade, Government, Royalty and Noble Families, Travel, Exploration, Art, Politics, Literature, Discovery… all relate to the business of Argyll Etkin which provides enquiring people with the opportunity to buy stamps, postal history and royalty collectibles- items which are often unique- supporting the development of today’s world.

Ever wondered how you could experience the lives of others around the world without leaving your home or desk?

Do you want to be inspired by people who sailed across the oceans,travelled at great personal risk to discover fruit, vegetables, minerals or establish new plantations to feed and develop the world?

Do you question how communication links were built- roads, railways, the motor car and the aeroplane?

How did Royal and noble families link or divide different communities?

And yet amid all this activity, the most simple desire to communicate sustained
between governments and diplomats
merchants and traders
family and friends
children and parents
This activity, spanning 600 years is the business of Argyll Etkin.

We extend a warm welcome to you and hope you will enjoy our website and visit us again to experience the stories of the past which can be relevant to our lives today and offer you personal enrichment.

In short, our goal is to supply you with items which inspire you.


Everyone at Argyll Etkin is enthusiastic to share with you some of the remarkable historical items which we offer through our 50 years’ experience.

Patrick Frost, Managing Director, heads our Auction Business and is one of Britain’s pre- eminent philatelists. Patrick began his career with another leading London auctioneers and joined Argyll Etkin in 1987 Patrick established our Auction business and is also one of the experts consulted by the British Philatelic Association Expert Committee. Patrick is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society, London.

Adam Cooke, V.B. is the Company’s Principal Shareholder. Adam joined Argyll Etkin in 2004 and brings additional financial experience. Adam is a member of the Royal Philatelic Society, London and a number of Southern African societies.

Phyllis Wills, Director, has worked for leading Philatelic Auction businesses throughout her career. Phyllis joined Argyll Etkin in 1986 and is responsible for running the Company’s operations. This includes our highly successful Auction Business, dealing with both vendors and purchasers, as well as maintaining information on our extensive Register of Specialist Interests to ensure we offer collectors items of potential interest.

Gordon Peters has extensive experience of philately and joined Argyll Etkin in 1984 . Gordon represents the Company at leading London shows such as Stampex and Philatex. He is a leading Malayan Philatelist and edited the journal of the Malayan Study Group for over 30 years.

Susan Oliver is a member of the Royal Philatelic Society, London and the Scandinavian Philatelic Society. Besides working in our Auction business, Susan also works for our collectors on our Register of Specialist Interests.