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ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION sale 41 on 9th March 2018

September Auction

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Worldwide Stamps and Postal History


The Brian Brookes Collection
of Channel Islands
The Phil Kenton Collection of G.B Express Mail,
The Michael Goodman Collection
of G.B Missent Mail,
Africa Air Mails, Burma, Malaya and Hong Kong.

Amy Johnson signed flight cover sells for £6,300
1862 First edition Lallier stamp album sells for £3,300
Brian Brookes Channel Islands Collection achieves strong results including £11,300 for an 1844 Channel Islands Maltese Cross cover of which only 14 recorded.
China 1900 Chefoo officially sealed cover sells for £4,600
Total realisations £442,293 including buyers premium

Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction began with a superb group of flight covers with a 1926 Cairo to Cape Town survey flight making £1,750. This was followed by a 1927 cover from London to Mongalla, Sudan which reached £1,900 and a 1931 cover flown from Cape Town to London by Peggy Salaman which reached £2,500.

A 1935 South African cover bearing 3d and 6d Silver Jubilee stamps flown by Mrs Jill Wyndham and David Llewelyn made £3,200* (lot 16). The pinnacle of the Airmail section was a 1936 cover flown by Amy Johnson, the renowed aviatrice, from Gravesend to Cape town and back to Croydon with two circular Capetown Municipal Airport / Wingfield cachets dated 7th May (arrival) and 10th May (departure) and signed by her. Spirited bidding saw this remarkable cover sell for £6,300* (lot 17).

A crash and wreck cover from Sierra Leone to London with a Damaged by Fire in transit, from the BOAC flying boat from Lisbon that crashed into Mount Brandon in Ireland, realized £800.

The remarkable 1862 first edition Lallier stamp album, the world's first stamp album sold for £3,300* (lot 130). Antarctica saw a cover from Bouvet Island bearing Norwegian stamps with the BOUVET / OYA overprint sell for £570.

Moving to China, a delightful 1912 block of the 1 cent with red Republic of China overprint with four stamps missing the overprint sold for £1200* (lot 218). A remarkable registered cover to Chefoo, China with the rare Chefoo officially sealed cachet and seals, made £4,600.

Africa saw Kenya Uganda Tanganyika 1933 Essays by Vic Groves for three airmail stamps sell for £1,150. An early 1819 pair of letters from a conscript serving on the Eastern Frontier, Cape of Good Hope written from Grijhamstad (Grahamstown) sold for £2000 while a correspondence between 1822 and 1833 concerning slavery in Uitenhage made £3000.

An 1876 manuscript cancel from Kommaggas in Namaqualand made £1,050 while a page from a ship's Captain's Log Book with four 1d Cape triangulars sold for £880.

Zanzibar saw a 1916 registration envelope with RNAS censor knocked down for £1300. The Great Britain section began with an 18 page manuscript of a paper written by Francis Freeling in 1804 on how to increase Post Office revenue which sold for £800.

The fine Phil Kenton collection of GB Express mail saw three 1892 items from the Charing Cross automatic box experiment sell for £2,500* (lot 798), while a 1909 cover endorsed 'Express Deliver' showing railway letter services by two differing railway companies and express fees sold for £1900. A 1951 Express Service E form bearing KG VI 5s, 2s6d and 7d with London NW district office postmark sold for £700.* (lot 817).

Ship letters saw some rare items with a 1798 manuscript ship letter of Bervie, one of just two recorded examples, which sold for £4,200* (lot 861).

The celebrated 1d Mulready envelope in a complete uncut sheet of 12 sold for £2,100. An 1866 entire letter from Leeds to Saxony charged an extra 2d for sending by the special ‘northern towns' train to London sold for £1,100.

The Brian Brookes Channel Islands collection, probably the finest Channel Islands collection to be on the market for 40 years, opened with a letter from Durrell Sausmarez during the American War of Independence to Thomas Sausmarez in Guernsey which sold for £1,300.

The fabulous 1844 cover with two clear Channel Islands Maltese Cross strikes of which only 14 examples were recorded in the Rockoff and Jackson listing reached £11,300. * (lot 1053).

A superb pair of £1 King Edward VII stamps fine used with a Guernsey cds on a 1911 green parcel post label brought £1,550* (lot 1073) while a 1906 large piece cut from a parcel sent to London containing 1,000 small cigars with a Guernsey parcel cancel brought £3,100. An 1857 entire letter from the British P.O. in Constantinople to Jersey with GB 6d pair each cancelled 'C' and a 'Registered letter' handstamp brought £2,500* (lot 1087). An 1842 entire from Rio de Janeiro to London backstamped step type Guernsey / Ship Letter reached £2,400. This cancellation was only used in 1842.

An 1842 entire from the French postal agent in Jersey to Paris requesting a supply of wrapping paper and sealing wax given the large volumes of express packets every day to St. Malo and Granville brought £1,000.

An 1871 Boules de Moulin from Jersey to Paris stamped at the special 1 franc rate sold for £1,300.

World War II material was popular, and included the Guernsey 1941 1d Occupation issue original handpainted essay in the issued design in black ink and Chinese white signed by E.W. Vaudin which sold for £4,750* (lot 1303).

A Jersey 1943 set of 6 presentation die proofs made £1,100. The Jersey 1969 inauguration of Postal Services proofs including unissued designs on Harrison cards made £1300.

Finally a delightful entire letter dated 1831 from Jonathan Duncan on Herm sold for £1,100.

A remarkable sale with many unique or distinctive items.

Argyll Etkin's next sale in September 2018 will feature fine British West Indies, Burma, Napoleonic Wars with Nelson and Napoleon letters as well as an outstanding China stamp collection.



ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION sale 40 on 29th September 2017

September Auction

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Worldwide Stamps and Postal History


Antarctic and Arctic Postal History,
Air Mails, Russo-Japanese War,
France, India, KUT and Great Britain

Polar material featured Whaling letters selling for £2230.
France Napoleon II tete-beche pair reached £4110
Labuan front bearing India and Hong Kong stamps realises £9000
China Large Dragon cover sells for £16,450
Total realizations £484,205

A packed room awaited a sale of great variety which began with some most unusual literature including a China 1933 postal atlas which reached £940. Sir Rowland Hill's personal copy of "Her Majesty's Mails" by William Lewins, 1864 sold for £500.

A remarkable assembly of Polar Mail, both Arctic and Antarctic saw fierce worldwide competition and featured a collection of entire letters to or from American Whalers which sold for £2,230; a 1903 cover from the Discovery Antarctic Expedition to the Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society made £1,060.

A cover sent by Sir Ernest Shackleton from the 1907 British Antarctic Expedition at Cape Royds sold for £760; Falklands saw a cover from the 1934 British Graham Land Expedition sell for £1,120. Also from 1934 a Bouvet Island Expedition cover sold for £760.

A remarkable assembly of Falkland Island Dependencies 1955-57 Aerial Survey material sold for £1,650.

Turning to North Polar material, a 1901 Peary Relief Expedition cover from Greenland made £760 and a 1925 flown cover from the MacMillan Aerial Survey of Greenland reached £880. The 1926 Byrd North Pole flight expedition saw a pair of covers reach £1000 while the Italian 1928 Umberto Nobile Airship expedition and rescue missions to Spitzbergen saw exceptional interest with a cover from Italy to King's Bay selling for £5150; the 1926 Amundsen Ellsworth Nobile Leningrad to Alaska flight saw a cover from Spitzbergen to Alaska reach £1400.

An unusual collection of proof cancellations prepared for the Colonial Office in 1948 saw those from Malaya and Singapore reach £2350 and the Trinidad group reach £450.

Turning to British Occupation of Italian colonies in World War 2, a pictorial set of Italian East Africa overprinted "British Occupation" yet not issued sold for £1,650 A Marc Pourpe 1914 flight cover from Halfa, Sudan to Cairo, sent to Lady Stamfordham in London made £3,650.

A France 1862 Napoleon III 1f carmine tete-beche pair sold for £4,100, a major rarity of French philately.

A delightful China 1885 Large Dragon cover to Bordeaux, France reached £16,500.

In Asia, remarkable early photographs from Hong Kong c.1880 reached £2,350, and a rare Labuan 1865 front to Manila bearing a combination of India and Hong Kong stamps made £9,000.

A new discovery for India used in Muscat, the 1854-55 imperf, anna blue die 1 with fine 309 cancel reached £2,470.

An 1859-1946 India collection including 1909 King Edward VII Officials reached £6450, while a superb 1948 Gandhi FDC made £700. In the West Indies, an Antiguan 1845 1d concession rate letter, the first recorded from this colony, sold for £1500; this was also unusual as the 1d due was represented by a coin sewn onto the letter.

Jamaica saw a fine lot of railway covers with a 1916 Ipswich cancel selling for £820.

Great Britain saw a 1d Red plate number cover collection sell for £4,250 and a 1780 letter concerning the Gordon riots sell for £360.

A remarkable holding of 1911 London Windsor airmail material saw a rare card flown in both directions sell for £2400, interest has been fuelled by Jeffrey Booth's new book on this subject.

A cover from the 1919 Aerial Post during the rail strike flown from Glasgow to London at 2/3 rate sold for £400.

A beautiful sheet of the King George VI 10/- dark blue sold for £3,050 while a 1935 King George V Silver Jubilee Prussian blue made £7,250.

A remarkable example of the rare 1751 Perth, Scotland, Lamb cancel made £2000 while a most comprehensive collection of Heathfield, Sussex sold for £1,650.

A great holding of Northern Rhodesia material saw a 1963 Postage Due 1/- block of four imperforate vertically and horizontally between sell for £820.

Two Rhodesia 1905 postcards to Belgium, almost certainly from Belgian Congo, tied by Kalunguisi postmarks and taking 23 days to get to Fort Jamieson made £3600 while a 1910 parcel label from Mpika containing otter skins sold for £1300.

A 1926 Cape to Cairo R.A.F. flight cover, flown from Ndola to Lee on Solent in England, ex the "Osprey" collection, sold for £6450.

Southern Africa included an amazing Transvaal block of thirty 1895 Introduction of Penny postage missing three columns of vertical perforations which made £760 and a very rare Cape Town 1919 Peace Celebrations pigeongram which made £1525.

The day rounded off with a remarkable Hawaii 1894 paquebot cancel, ex Hosking collection, which sold for £700.

A strong room left with their purchases of amazing material and bidders await the next Argyll Etkin sale scheduled for Spring 2018.

Consignments of suitable material are invited.



ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION Friday 24th February 2017

February Auction

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Worldwide Stamps and Postal History


Hospital Ship Mail, World War One, Africa Air Mails,
India and Indian Native States, Cape of Good Hope,
G.B Stamps & Postal History with Collections of
Revenues, Kent and exceptional Isle of Wight

SUCCESSFUL SPRING AUCTION Outstanding results for Africa, Air Mails, Boer War, India, Isle of Wight and Kent. Philatelic market soundly underpinned. Total realisations £344,248 including premium.

Following a busy viewing session at London's Stampex Show, allied with strong interest from around the world, there was an air of anticipation at Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction as some fascinating properties came on offer.

The day began with Airmails, including the first solo flight by Mrs. H. Bonney, an important early Lady Aviator, who flew from Brisbane to South Africa via Egypt, which took some four months. A charming group of three covers sold for £350.

Remaining in Africa, a 1935 cover from Brazil to Gambia by the Zeppelin Airship sold for £2,350; a very scarce cover as there were no mooring facilities at Bathurst and the mail had to be dropped to the ground.

Alan Cobham's 1925 flight from London to Cape Town was marked by a special postcard to the editor of Flight Magazine in London signed and posted by Cobham after his arrival at Cairo on December 7th. This card sold for £720.

Military items began with a 1761 entire letter from a naval officer at Belle Isle in the Detroit River between mainland U.S.A. and Canada, put into the post at Weymouth, which made £400. A group of letters from the King's German Legion who fought for the British in the Napoleonic Wars was most interesting and sold for £1,550.

The Anglo Boer War was well-represented and included a 1900 cover from a British P.O.W in Pretoria Prison, which only held a few Colonial officers and troops, sent to Kroonstad, O.F.S; this sold for £1,550. An exceptional collection of Hospital Ship mail included a postcard from the Ladysmith Siege to H.M. Hospital Ship Trojan in Durban which sold for £880. An 1860 cover from Leeds to Hospital Ship Melville at Hong Kong during the Second Opium War was keenly sought as it bore a rare Hong Kong single arc datestamp, with date omitted. This cover brought £2,700.

A Belgian Congo postcard from the British Naval Forces on Lake Tanganyika during the first World War, written from Kindu to South Australia in 1916 made £1060. A censored cover from Palestine to Slave Island, Ceylon in 1918 was keenly fought for reaching £590. World War Two saw an extraordinary 21/2d letter card cancelled by the distinctive 'L.P.R. / 6 August 1941 / Mobile P.O. No 1' used in London E.C. on this one day only after much of the East End and East Central London was destroyed in the blitz, this postmark only used on registered mail - this brought £475.

Australia saw a very early entire letter from York, Western Australia dated 25th October 1838. The writer 'can only spare a few minutes as we are in the midst of shearing the sheep'. He reports that 'We expect a change very shortly in the Government as a new Governor is expected very shortly. Sir James Stirling will leave immediately that the Britomart arrives with official despatches that he is to be removed. A Mr. Hatt has been appointed to succeed him. I hope we will find him independent and will have no prejudice to bear him as Sir James who always took an opportunity of favouring any district to which his own land was situated'. An important early letter which sold for £2,000.

Also in the southern hemisphere, a stunning cover sent by the Falkland Islands Governor Sir Arnold Hodson from South Georgia self addressed to Government House in Port Stanley franked by a vertical marginal pair of 21/2d on 2d provisional surcharges, only in use from 7th to 22nd February 1929 during a shortage of regular 21/2d stamps sold for £3,525.

A terrific group of Indian States material was keenly bid - a collection of Convention States selling for £2,250 while a collection of Jaipur reached £2,000. The very rare Bhopal 1949 Service 2a on 11/2a claret SG 0357 reached £1,540 and Kishangarh 1899 Imperf 1/2a red used SG 8 made £1,400.

Southern Africa featured a lovely collection of Cape material from the George district with particularly keen demand for an 1861 cover from Knysna bearing an 1861 4d pale grey-blue woodblock which reached £890.

A George 1901 cork card with central segment of diamonds and triangles made £500 and a rare pair of covers with Great Brak River cork cancels brought £890.

Great Britain saw a fine Revenue collection in hot demand with a group of nine stamps and licences from 1780 to 1835 making £520. GB continued with the renowned R.C. Alcock's number in Maltese Crosses collection realising £2,470. A fine holding of Philatelic Congress items between 1909 and 1993 brought £1300.

An 1846 green wrapper used to enclose Registered letters, sent from Liverpool to Ripon, brought £830.

Remarkable holdings of Isle of Wight material were keenly sought including a picture postcard with a superb 1909 strike of HIS MAJESTY'S YACHT cds making £250. An 1878 printed cover from Ryde depicting a Chinese man balancing on a teapot and holding a bamboo pole from which the 21/2d stamp is suspended made £550.

Twelve lots of Prisoner of War letters from ships moored between Ryde and Portsmouth in World War One were keenly sought, realising between £350 and £1300 each. Good material from the Kent estuary towns of Dartford and Gravesend brought £1410 and £2,350 respectively.

A good range of stamps and postal history found a broad range of new homes around the world.

Our best wishes to vendors and buyers alike.


ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION Friday 30th September 2016

September Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)

G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History


Fine Collections of India and British Solomon Islands,
The John Dahl Collection of Portuguese Nyassa,
Forces, P.O.W & Censor Mail, East Africa Internee Mail,
G.B Stamps & Postal History

Important war material. Great prices include GB, British Solomon Islands, India, South Africa and Portuguese Nyassa. Solid demand for Boer War, Nigeria, GB Postal Stationery and Scottish Steamer Mail. Total realizations £524,000 Argyll Etkin’s Autumn Auction  brought a record number of bidders given the fascinating range of stamps and postal history.

The day began with intense interest in war material; a group of letters from William Coghill  while serving as a gunner with Prince Alfred’s Own  Colonial Volunteers in the 1878 campaign against the Korunna  along the Orange River and then in 1879 as a Corporal in Lonsdale’s Horse during the Zulu War.  This important group of letters sold for £1,300.   A good section of Boer War included a collection of Hospital and Medical Services postal history.  A pair of Orange Free State Red Cross covers sold for £1,350 while a scarce incoming card from Russia addressed to the Russian – Dutch Ambulance in Pretoria made £1,120.  
The fascinating Edmund Hall collection of the postal history of smaller wars and conflicts of the 20th Century included a Gold Coast cover from the 1900 War of The Golden Stool, sent from Kumasi on the day a relief force reached the besieged fort, which sold for £475.

A strong Irish section featured three covers ‘Censored by the I.R.A. which sold for £800 and  Korean War covers included  one from a U.S. P.O.W. with red cachet “via Chinese Peoples Committee for World Peace and against American Aggression / Peking China which was knocked down for £300.

A most remarkable cover from Bushire, Persia with the Persian stamps overprinted 'Bushire under British Occupation’ sent to German – occupied Luxembourg in September 1915 sold for £2,600.  A World War 1 registered censored cover from Brunei to Bombay sold for £590.

Stamps were well represented by a superb 1843/1936 collection of foreign countries in two  1936 Ideal albums   which were keenly sought and sold for £14,100.
A very early cover from Belgium Congo dated 1863 from Landano 60 miles north of the Congo River sold for £  1,900.
A fine holding of British Solomon Islands met a worldwide following with  a cover to Fiji bearing Large Canoe stamps used on the First Day of issue selling for £2,700.  A fascinating, and probably unique cover bearing Large Canoes cancelled  ‘Loose Ship Letter’ at  Cooktown, Queensland sent from Yule Island to Switzerland made £3,525.

Individual Indian  related  material was popular with a cover from the 1868 Abyssinian Field Force to Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Northcole, Secretary of State for India, signed by William Merewether as ‘Brigadier General, Political Resident, Aden on Special Duty’, selling for £2,230.

India stamps included the KEVII mint set to 25r which  sold for £2,350.  A useful group of Allahabad first flight covers from 1911 included a registered cover to Fyzabad bearing the Queen Victoria 3 rupee stamp made £940.  A 1933 cover from Karachi to Pernambuco, Brazil sent by Imperial Airways to London and then by Graf Zeppelin from Germany,  with Indian and G.B.  stamps made £1,520.

Also in 1933, a Houston  Mount Everest  Expedition flight cover carried over the summit of the mountain with a letter from Lord Clydesdale who was on the flight sold for £2,820.
A collection of Indian Rocket Mail was also in demand and a cover with cachet ‘By Rocket / Aeroplane / The Tiddler / Behala  22nd September 1937' posted in Calcutta made £225. A meter post collection, among the finest we have noted from India, made £2,100.  An 1877 Indian cover from the French area with a postmark of Chandernagore, a rare cancel not listed by Jal Cooper, Robson Lowe or Colonel Martin sold for £3,050. 
Ireland saw a stunning 1870 pictorial envelope with Irish news including  Powerscourt Fall, Clendalough and Devils Glen waterfall sold for £900.  Useful Africa collections featured Nigeria, Nyasaland, Portuguese Nyassa and South Africa.  A  group of G.B. stamps  used in Burutu included a piece with five  1897 10d stamps sold for £560.

The second part of the collection of Portuguese Nyassa,  formed by John Dahl was keenly contested with an 1899 cover registered from Ibo to Zanzibar selling for £2,000.  A 1918 cover with a letter from a doctor at the Hospital da Ponta  Vermelha in Mocimboa  da Praia reached £710.  Also from Mocimboa a 1927 cover with five  40c Zebra stamps printed by Waterlow sold for £330.

South Africa saw a superb large locally made “LATE” handstamp on an 1893 cover from Clanwilliam  sell   for £375.  A beautiful registered cover from Cape Town to Austria franked by Cape 1/2d and 1d and a pair of the first Union 21/2d stamps was  found to be underpaid so sent to the Returned Letter Office and detained while the 4d deficiency was collected from the sender, a Cape 4d then applied and tied by violet oval ‘Returned Letter Office / 16 Mar 11 / GPO Cape Town’.  This cover was knocked down for £610.              
A remarkable 1935 Silver Jubilee collection sold for £800 while corner blocks of four signed by the designer J.L. Booysen on the margin sold for £500.
Some interesting Tristan de Cunha material saw a Falkland Islands postcard featuring HMS Queen of Bermuda cancelled with a 1938 Falkland Islands 1d cancelled Tristan da Cunha in 1940.  The ship was pressed into naval service as a troop transporter in World War Two and stopped briefly in Tristan due to poor weather.  This is believed to be the only recorded item from this stopover with a Falkands stamp.  The card sold for £475.
Great Britain saw a block of 20 of the 1865 1/- green, the largest  recorded used block of this stamp, sell for £1,175.
The fine Scottish Mail Steamers collection of Graham Booth saw a number of very fine offers including a terrific cover with the cachet of  ‘The Lord of The Isles’ steamer addressed to Burma which sold for £590. 
An unusual collection of 1890 Jubilee Penny Postage material saw 13 covers addressed to Mr. Deputy Halse, 62 Cheapside with all stamps then on sale from 1d to 10/- cancelled ‘Penny Postage Jubilee / 1840 9 1890 / 16 May 90 / Guildhall’.  This group originally purchased in 1941 sold for £4,350.

A good day with many treasures enjoyed by new owners.



ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION Friday 4th March 2016

March Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

The John Dahl Collection of Portuguese Nyassa,
Fine Collections of KUT and British Solomon Islands,
Forces Honour Envelopes, Air Mails, Aden, Malaya,
G.B Stamps, Postal Stationery & Postal History

4th March 2016
Total Realisations £468,299

  • Earliest letters from The Antarctic sell for £25,850.
  • Rare Bushire SG30 reaches £6,450.
  • Remarkable Portuguese Nyassa Mozambique results.
  • Stuart and Jacobite Rebellion letters very popular.

Argyll Etkin's Spring auction attracted the usual strong room supported by book, agent and telephone bidders around the world.

A highlight was the earliest recorded correspondence from the Antarctic continent which sold for £25,850; this centered on three letters from South Shetland and Livingstone Island in the Falkland Island Dependencies dated 1821. Among the great content was "This country is subject to volcanoes . . . . the lava from these which we pick up certainly impregnated with either silver, others appear like gold or copper - coal is somewhat plenty and "tis said superior to Newcastle " seals and sea elephants are the only monsters."

A very rare Bushire overprint stamp SG30 which was issued during the British Occupation of this port on the Persian Gulf in 1915 and with just four examples supposedly overprinted, yet unpriced by Stanley Gibbons, sold for £6,450. A very rare complete strip of 10 of the 12ch value with 1921 certificate SG8 sold for £2,000.

Iraq remained very popular with a fine collection of stamps from 1917 to 1958 cataloging £6,500 selling for £4,750.

A delightful range of Kenya Uganda Tanganyika was very keenly contested with the 1922 £75 and £100 Specimens selling for £2,800 and £3,200 respectively. A pair of £50 and £100 forgeries sold for £1020.

A very rare Singapore King George VI error, the $1 value in a strip of three with the centre stamp showing St. Edward Crown in the watermark, SG28a, sold for £4,900.

A 1918 cover showing civilian use of the Army Post Office SZ44 at Jerusalem with postage due charged on arrival in Egypt sold for £1,650. This is one of only six such covers recorded.

Part one of the remarkable John Dahl collection of the Portuguese Nyassa company stamps featuring delightful designs printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited attracted worldwide interest. Among the numerous gems were an 1898 cover to Zanzibar cancelled by Deutsche Seapost postmarks which sold for £2,200; and one of only five covers known with the inverted centre used on cover, this example bearing a 10 reis vertical strip of three which sold for £2,450.

Nyasaland Field Force in World War I saw an interesting anomaly at Mtengula where 200 Portuguese Nyassa stamps of each value were supplied for the use of the field force for payment of registration fees and parcel post; a pretty registered cover bearing the Nyasaland FF2 squared circle and manuscript 'R Mtengula sold for £1070.

Great Britain saw an 1841 2d blue upper right trial plate marginal block of four sell for £2,230. Stuart letters saw a rare early official letter dated 1674 on offer signed by the Duke of Monmouth. The Duke was the eldest illegitimate son of King Charles II and Lucy Walters who, after the death of King Charles in 1685, led the Monmouth Rebellion to depose the Catholic King James II and make himself King but was captured and beheaded. The letter sold for £1,880.

An 1814 manuscript "Ship Letter" of Marazion Cornwall sold for £1,270 and a fascinating correspondence from Bristol to William Perrin covering the sale or shipping of sugar from his estates in Jamaica between 1783 and 1803 sold for £1080.

Great Britain stamps used abroad saw an exceptional group of Queen Victoria stamps including a 2 shilling "C88" cancellation of Santiago, Chile reach £2,000. Machine postmarks saw a 'd lilac postcard cancelled by the rare Azemar machine which was only in use during January 1871 as a trial for postcards ' sell for £820. A 1937 cover from London to Pernamburo , Brazil with a 28 shillings franking including a PUC £1 stamp brought a buyer at £940.

A remarkable group of modern covers delayed due to bomb or siege damage by the IRA including one from the 1975 Balcombe Street, NW1 siege with "Unable to delivery / Police Emergency" saw spirited bidding and was finally knocked down for £880.

A remarkable day demonstrating the continued strength of the philatelic market for interesting items. Argyll Etkin's next Auction in the Autumn is now in progress and suitable items or collections are welcomed for our next sale.


ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION Friday 9th October 2015

Autumn Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

The Peter Jennings Collections of Iraq & World Air Mails;
Malaya from the Gordon Peters Collection;
Forces & P.O.W Mail; KUT; Holy Land;
& G.B with Kent & Cornwall, Ship Letters,
Railway Stamps, 1841 2d Blues & Air Letters

Realised £547,792

  • Peter Jennings Iraq, Pioneer Airmails & Air letters keenly sought.
  • Rare Tasmania 1833 Convict letter brings £2,468
  • Gordon Peters Malaya sees Worldwide interest.

Argyll Etkin's Autumn Auction brought a record number of bidders for aremarkable breadth of material.

The day began with the Peter Jennings Iraq air mails collection featuring a Bradbury Wilkinson proof of the World's first Air Letter in 1933 which realised £1,880.

Mr Jennings' Pioneer airmails saw a1910 picture postcard from Heliopolis Aerodrome in Egypt sold for £1350 and a 1926 cover carried on the Survey Flight from Cairo to Cape Town was knocked down for £2,580. A fine group of UK Lifeboat Saturday Balloon cards all found ready buyers including a 1903 card from Alexandra Palace, London to Ongar Essex which sold for £1525. A 1920 letter from British Prime Minister Lloyd George carried to the South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts on the London to Cape Town first flight reached £2,580.

India saw a real photo picture postcard from the 1911 Allahabad first Aerial Post sell for £3760. A remarkable registered 1933 Mount Everest flight cover also signed by Sir Edmund Hillary in1953 brought £2,200.

Martin Lynes' Military mail saw some rare items including an entire letter to an Ensign in the 78th Regiment, Java dated 1814 sent during the British Occupation of Java, which sold for £350. There were also fascinating P.O.W. covers including an 1813 entire letter from a French Prisoner at Dartmoor Prison, Devon to his father in France which reached £540.

Boer War material saw a group of material from Paul Rubens, a German P.O.W. in Ragama Camp, Ceylon including a charming painting of a pith helmet on a postcard sell for £1,880.

Palestine saw a fascinating 1918 letter from General Allenby who wrote'Yesterday I took Jericho and got to the Jordan and Dead Sea'', sell for £590.

A 1921 letter from Sir Ernest Shackleton to Brigadier Williamson at the British Post Office with three drawings of proposed overprints on GB stamps for the 1921-1922 Shackleton -Rowett Antarctic Expedition to Tristan da Cunha,GoughIsland and Enderby Land brought £4,150 while a six page £Petition for Postage Stamps£from Tristan da Cunha submitted in 1946 to the Postmaster General of South Africa and signed by the island£s priest, Alan Crawford and eleven islanders saw global competition before selling for £7,300. A very rare1855 TasmaniaConvict's letter from Edward Hardy who was convicted for horse stealing sold for £2,450. China saw keen interest with three letters from Scottish merchant James Crichton, written from Canton between 1796 and 1802, sell for between £1,750 and £2,350 each.

Malaya from the Gordon Peters collection attracted spirited bidding with a block of four 1946 unissued Victory 8c red stamps selling for £940; the elusive 1959 Negri Sembilan unissued 25th Anniversary of Yang di ' Pertuan's rule for £590 and a rare imperf block of ten 1960 50 cent Penang Blowpipes brought £2,000.

Great Britain stamps saw a fine collection of 1841 2d blues including a fine stamp used with the very scarce red '466' numeral of Liverpool making £1,650.

A magnificent block of nine of the 1847 Embossed 1/-stamp sold for £2,580 while complete unused sheets of 12 of the four Mulready Letter Sheets and envelopes made £6,580. 50 lots, representing a fine and comprehensive collection of British and Irish Railway stamps was keenly sought, with Ireland Market Basket stamps issued in 1877 selling for £710.

A superb collection of Cornwall was offered in over 140 lots with the highlights including a fine example of an 1842 oval crown type ship letter of Padstow on an entire letter from West Africa to the U.S.A. which sold for £2,700 and a scarce St. Ives Ship letter which brought £710.

Kent Postal history saw a good contingent of early letters including a 1594 merchants letter from Margate to Philipe Corsini which sold for £500; only two letters from Margate were recorded inthe Corsini correspondence. Later Kent material saw strong interest in a collection of 1899-1947 Agricultural Show cancels which sold for £1,350 followed by a 1930-1938 Margate Conference and Congress collection of 16 items which was knocked down for £760.

A busy day concluded with many happy buyers and the usual high percentage of lots sold.

Argyll Etkin's next Auction will follow Spring Stampex 2016.

Enquires Adam Cooke, Patrick Frost, Phyllis Wills


ARGYLL ETKIN AUCTION Friday 6th March 2015

March Auction

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Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

The William Frew Collection of Cyprus,
Exceptional India Air Mails,
Fine Collections of Bushire and KUT,
Gilbert & Ellice Is., G.B Stamps and Postal History,
with the Michael Goodman Collections of London & Middlesex

  • Spring Auction brings strong prices from record number of bidders.
  • Bushire, China, Cyprus, India and KUT keenly sought.
  • Great Britain Postal History popular.
  • £578,458 - realisations include 171/2% premium.

Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction saw a busy auction room of bidders and agents competing with collectors by telephone from all over the world.

The day began with Great Britain postal history featuring an Elizabethan letter of 1590 headed 'by the Queene' and signed by Thomas Berry requesting the loan for one year of £20 to help pay for the defence of the realm; a fine and rare Elizabethan letter sent just two years after the Armada sold for £2,470.

A most interesting 1854-55 correspondence from the Crimea including news of the capture of Russian spies and the Battle of Balaclava sold for £2,100. The first UK Aerial post brought keen interest with highlights being covers to Argentina and Hong Kong which sold for £420 and £470 respectively.

An unusual 1915 cover from Kristiania, Norway to Liverpool backstamped "Delayed by German / submarine" sold for £700.

The Michael Goodman London and Middlesex postmark collections attracted keen bidders with one lot of the London collection selling for £11,000.

Scottish postal history featured the very rare red oval Portobello Penny post, only recorded for six months in 1803, which sold for £470.

An important Bushire collection attracted worldwide interest with an exceptional registered cover to Karachi selling for £2,940. A 2 krans Chancellerie stamp with Bushire overprint unrecorded by Barefoot sold for £520.

The 2 Chahis Coronation of Shah Ahmed Mirza with Bushire overprint of which only 18 stamps were issued sold for £5400.

Use of the 1910 2 chahis on 5 chahis postal stationery picture postcard, the reverse with pictures of Persepolis and a dervish warrior with Bushire overprint brought £850.

A stunning China cover from Customs House, Chefoo with the 1894 60th birthday of the Dowager Empress set plus French P.O. China stamps added sold for £16,450.

The William Frew collection of Cyprus was keenly anticipated being the first major Cyprus offering since Christopher Crutwell and Malcolm Warwick. An early attraction was a 1501 Entire letter from Famagusta to Damascus, written in Italian, the earliest recorded Venetian period letter from Cyprus, which reached £12,900. A fine and attractive block of 12 of the 1882 30 paras on 1 piastre handstamped "POSTAL / SURCHARGE" and initialled "JAB" by J.A. Bulmer with red Larnaca datestamps ex the Richardson collection sold in 1960 reached £600. A fascinating and rare 1909 postcard to Nicosia with R(ailway) P.O. / 1 / Cyprus cds of which only 3 have been recorded, sold for £1,230.

A remarkable example of the King George V £5 stamp on cover sold for £8,900.

A rich and varied offering from an award winning collection of Indian Airmails began with a 1911 Allahabad First Aerial Post cover containing a printed and signed card by Captain Walter Windham organiser of the post, of which 3 sold for £2,900.

A 1913 printed card 'Great Aerial Exhibition 8th January 1913 ' a souvenir from 20,000 feet above Calcutta' sold for £3,300.

A beautiful cover from Bandar Abbas 23rd November 1919 carried by Captain Ross Smith in his competition flight franked 'a and 1a India and bearing the blue First Aerial Post England ' Australia vignette, one of just four covers originating from Bandar Abbas, reached £5,200. A 1933 registered cover from Karachi to Pernambuco, Brazil with a combination of Indian and British stamps to pay the Imperial Airways and Graf Zeppelin flights sold for £1,000.

A fine group of Kenya Uganda Tanganyika King George VI featured a 1937 Coronation imperforate set of 3 perfined SPECIMEN of which only six sets can exist; sold for £1,580.

A 1947 presentation folder with the 1938 Definitives handstamped Specimen sold for £3,050.

An attractive 1943 registered cover to USA with a £1 strip and 70c pair, an exceptionally high franking,sold for £870.

A long entire letter from Nepal in 1825 backstamped with the octagonal "NIPAUL / POST OFFICE / POST PAID" brought £1,230. An unusual use of the "Post Office Cape of Good Hope GR" Arms handstamp in 1807 on an entire letter to Massachusetts U.S.A. sold for £610.

A group of three covers from Eshowe, Zululand brought £650 bringing to a close an exceptional day of activity.

The vast majority of lots sold and we now start work on the next auction in September 2015for which suitable items are invited.


October Auction

Click here to view the auction (day 1 of 2)
Click here to view the auction (day 2 of 2)

Please click here for prices realised.
(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)

Day One - Thursday October 2nd - To be sold at 12.30 p.m. -

Ephemera, Memorabilia, Picture Postcards 1-16
Antarctica - Stamps and postal history of the 1901-22 Scott & Shackleton expeditions 17-117
Holy Land - The Martin Lynes Collection 118-224
American & West Indies Wreck Mail, from the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP 225-306
Boer War - a collection of origin & destination mail 307-326
Forces Mail, 1691-1955 Military and POW mail from the Martin Lynes Collection 327-705
Postal Mechanisation - The Martin Lynes Collection 706-728
British Post Offices Abroad - Crowned Circles, Egypt, Levant & South America, from The Mike Kitson Collection 729-800
Worldwide Postal History - a retiring dealers stock 801-910

Day Two - Friday October 3rd - To be sold at 12.30 p.m. -

Literature, Worldwide & British Empire Stamps & Postal History 911-930
Thematics, Air Mails, Cinderellas, Perfins 931-954
Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Australia & States, Austria, Bahamas 955-974
Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil 975-991
British Honduras, British Levant, Br. Solomon Is., Brunei, Burma, Canada, Ceylon 992-1004
China, Cook Is, Cuba, Cyprus 1005-1031
Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Is. France & Colonies 1032-1051
Gambia, Germany & Colonies, Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1052-1082
Gold Coast, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary 1083-1107
India & States, Iraq 1108-1138
Ireland 1139-1203
Italy & Colonies, Jamaica, Japan, KUT 1204-1248
Malaya, Malta, Mauritius 1249-1297
Montserrat, Morocco, Netherlands Colonies, New Hebrides, New Zealand 1298-1327
Nicaragua, Niger Coast, Nigeria, North Borneo, Norway, Nyasaland, Pakistan 1328-1340
Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal & Colonies, Qatar, Rhodesia 1341-1370
Russia, St. Helena, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Salvador, Sarawak, Seychelles 1371-1390
Sierra Leone, South Africa, SWA, Spain, Sudan, Swaziland, Tonga, Transjordan 1391-1421
Trinidad, Tristan, Turkey, Turks Is., USA, Zanzibar 1422-1463
Great Britain:
Stamps, QV Stamps on Cover, Locals, Telegraphs, Cinderellas 1464-1556
Postal History - mixed lots 1557-1578
Air Mails, Cancellations, Christmas, Exhibitions 1579-1607
Frees, Late Mail/Late Fees, Machines, Maritime Mail 1608-1644
Mulreadys, Pictorial Envelopes, Postage Dues, Postal Stationery 1645-1678
Railway Letters, Registered Mail 1679-1741
Telegrams, T.P.Os, Uniform 4d Post, Uniform 1d Post 1742-1769
Bristol, Channel Is., Devon, Durham, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight 1770-1778
Kent, Liverpool 1789-1819
London, Scilly Is., Scotland, Sussex 1820-1841


February Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)


Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction opened in London after brisk viewing at London's Stampex and a record number of bidders.

A group of 102 covers from The Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP, featured wreck mail of Europe and Africa with the dramatic cover from the wreck of the S.S. Schiller off the Scilly Isles in April 1875 with the cachet "Saved from the wreck" selling for £2,575, just three covers with this rare cachet are known. Wreck covers from the Americas and the West Indies will feature in Argyll Etkin's next sale in September 2014.

An exceptionally scarce British Army Post Office Egypt 1885 cancel on an Egyptian card from Suakim to Orkney Islands was knocked down for £1,640 while an Egypt entire letter from the French Occupation in 1798 sold for £2,450.

As always Boer War material was popular including a Natal Field Force 2 Intaglio Seal handstamp selling for £500. Malta brought a fine offering of World War One Prisoner of War mail with a 1915 postcard to London with an illustrated "Kamp Post / Malta" stamp in red fetching £430 and a 1915 unused postcard with handpainted stamp design inscribed "Weihnacht 1915, Malta, War Prisoners Post" selling for £700.

Many enthusiasts viewed the rare RAF 003 cancellation from Iceland during World War Two, the cover dated September 14th 1943 being the only one recorded with this postmark used at Kaldadarnes. There was an air of anticipation when this cover opened at £1,000 before being knocked down at £2,980, a world record price for a World War Two Iceland forces cover.

The popular India 1911 Allahabad First Flight saw a fine postcard depicting Pequet in his biplane with a double franking on the picture side of "First Aerial Post / U.A. Exhibition Allahabad" and an Allahabad circular date stamp reach £2,575.

An exceptional and unusual Kenya railways collection was very popular and saw many good prices including a pleasing 1936 cover from Vol with an unrecorded "VOI / POSTED IN LATE FEE BOX / LATE FEE NOT PAID" and a KUT 20c postage due affixed and postmarked at Tanga reached £470.

A comprehensive range of New Zealand Goldfield Postal History saw a collection of the Otago Goldfields knocked down for £3,500.

Great Britain Royal letters featured a 1585 letter from Stirling signed "James R" by James VI of Scotland (later King James I of England) which sold for £4,900. Among early letters, a highlight was an unusual and scarce letter from the war of the Austrian Succession written by French Captain Ducabon, a Prisoner of War at Totnes to Bordeaux being knocked down for £750.

A lovely range of illustrated envelopes saw a previously unrecorded Mulready caricature by Frederik Froom sell for £1,290 while two propaganda envelopes for Shopkeepers' Hours both brought £1,290.

An eye catching King Edward VII Express cover at the 1s 6d rate with a multicoloured franking sold for £319. Some rare British Postal Stationery brought keen attention and featured an essay of the 1915 2d Inland Revenue official registration envelope with a 2d black stamp which brought £700. A busy, worthwhile day with a variety of highlights.

The next Argyll Etkin Auction will be in September 2014 and consignments of suitable material are invited to contact us.

Meanwhile, we will be participating in the Shows held in Australia, March 2014 and Westpex, California in April 2014.


October Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

Australasia and Asia Wreck Mail from the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP;
Unique Watermark Master Plates; Southern Africa;
Mulready Caricatures;
G.B 1883-84 & 1887 Issue Essays, Proofs & Colour Trials;
Extensive Great Britain Postal History.


March Auction

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Please click here for prices realised.
(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%)


  • 1048 Lots under the hammer
  • Unique Watermark Masterplates attract great demand
  • Cyprus remaining popular
  • 1459 English letter bring £3,400
  • GB 1857 Pearson Hill trial machine cover reaches £9,950

Argyll Etkin's 22nd March 2013 Auction began early to accommodate the 1048 lots featuring Great Britain stamps and postal history, Cyprus, Australia, Martinique, India, Southern Africa and Sudan.

A remarkable assembly of original watermark Master Plates made by the dandy roll makers Edwin Amies & Son Ltd attracted demand with the Multiple Script used for many British colonies stamps from 1921 sold for £800 and Australia "Crown over A" selling for £650.

A GB 11/4d Postcard used in Cyprus in 1878 sold for £2220 and an 1880 use of the first issue Cyprus postcard reached £2,000, one of the few commercial uses known of this card. An exceptional 1896 Larnaca franking on a parcel post label was knocked down for £1,750. Among 20th century Cyprus, a registered item from Nicosia to Sweden franked by King George VI 4pi; 9pi; 45pi; and £1; a remarkable 242 piastres rate and possibly a unique usage of the £1 value on a commercial item sold for £1,050.

India saw the 1947 Gandhi printed Post Office Booklets and the set used on a second day cover reach £910.

Great Britain and Ireland began with a 1459 entire letter written in Italian from London to Venice selling for £3,450. A 1591 Entire Letter from Dublin to Filippo Corsini in London which reached £2,630, and 1621 Royal Messenger Account signed by Royal Messenger William Milnes was fiercely contested and sold for £2,400.

Charles Whiting Treasury Essays, sold well, a type 8 essay printed in green and red with central one penny value £880. An 1878 £1 brown-lilac with Maltese Cross watermark overprinted Specimen sold for £2,000, while an 1882 £1 Specimen with Anchor watermark brought £2,050. Among a popular offering of Telegraphs a £5 Specimen colour trial in grey green made £490 with a dull mauve colour trial reaching £725. The remarkable Machine cancellation collection of Michael Goodman featured a stunning 1857 first Pearson Hill trial machine, the first and rarest British machine trial, just one other entire and two stamps recorded. This reached £9,950. An 1898 example of the Empire Machine Trial 1898, in operation for just four days, with a dramatic England Flag cancel, sold for £4,100.

A 1793 Service Suspended cover from Marseilles to London intercepted in Paris and endorsed "Letters do not pass to enemies of the republic" was knocked down for £2,160. Among a fine offering of early 20th Century First Day Covers, a cover with the first day postmarks of 8 different KGVI stamp issues from 1937 to 1939 sold for £1,290. An interesting section of errors featured a spectacular block of 20 1966 3d Christmas stamps, eight of which had missing Queen's head which brought £2,450 and an eye catching strip of eight stamps with Queen's head sloping downwards and omitted from the final stamp which sold for £820. A block of four 1970 Charles Dickens imperforate imprimatur from the National Postal Museum Archives reached £2,450.

British Islands were well supported beginning with Isle of Man where there was keen demand for seldom seen World War Two material featuring a 1940 cover to Central Promenade Camp, Douglas redirected to Huyton Camp which sold for £515. A rare RAF Jurby P.O. registered item from 1960 made £490. A superb collection of Isle of Man village postmarks brought £1,990. A remarkable collection of Anglesey villages fetched £1,990.

A fascinating range of Scottish Locals and island postal history featured a superb Glendaruel straight line local cancel on registered cover addressed to Dunoon in 1859 which sold for £725. A most attractive St. Kilda 1937 card brought £305.

A superb 1870 New South Wales cover from Sydney to London with the rare "Insufficiently Paid / for Brindisi Route / Deficient Postage" with the 6d charge in manuscript brought worldwide interest and was finally knocked down for £4,200.

A great auction which brought a spirited crowd, despite the cold weather, with most going home with some newly acquired gems for their collections.

Argyll Etkin's next Auction is under preparation and suitable consignments are welcomed.


October Auction

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(All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%.)


  • Realisations of £348,503
  • India 1911 Airmail Black privilege postmark sells for £10,500
  • Hugh Rose handpainted envelopes sell for £4000+ each.
  • Ottoman 1863 First issue postage due reaches £2000
  • Orange Free State overprints knocked down for £7,700

A packed London auction room gathered for Argyll Etkin's Autumn sale. The day began with collections which were all sold, most at strong prices. A fine selection of British and Irish postmarks saw a lovely lot of Butlins Holiday Camp mail sell for £255 and British Colliery cancellations achieved £1,400. Early Elizabethan mail saw a 1572 Merchant. Adventurers Post letter from Rouen to London fetch £900 while one of the rare letters from Ireland to Filippo Corsini in London, sold for over £1900.

An unusual Prisoner of War letter from a Royal Marines Captain, in France during the Napoleonic War sold for £1,170.

A fine group of handpainted envelopes by Hugh Rose in 1908 to the Prince of Wales realised over £4000 each featuring an Egyptian Sphinx, a motor car and HMS Victory at Portsmouth.

In Royal letters, a letter from HM Queen Elizabeth to Mrs Alice Bruce housekeeper at Windsor Castle written in 1954 brought £670.

A fine range of Mulready and Propaganda envelopes saw an attractive Ocean Penny Post coloured envelope reach £1,000. A 1d black used on a Valentine's card brought £2,000.

A diverse collection of Ottoman Empire covers and postmarks saw an 1871 entire from Hana to Aleppo, Syria reach £655 while a usage of the 1863 1st issue postage due on a cover from Trieste to Sarajevo brought £2,000. In a strong Asian group, Ceylon telegraph stamps saw a number of spirited bidders drive the price to £1,520 while a choice cover from Chefoo to Amoy bearing Chefoo local post stamps sold for £1,350.

The first Indian airmail Exhibition at Alahabad with a black ink postmark sold for £10,500. The black ink canceller was only used on privileged mails. A superb quality postmark of the ship datestamp "Tulcea-Galati" from the Black Sea sold for £490.

Southern Africa was keenly sought: a very fine study of the Orange Free State V.R.I. overprints brought £7,700. A fine collection of South Africa 1926 Cape Triangulars saw two Die Proofs sell for £5,400 a piece with a trio of colour trials bringing £2,450.

All in all a great day for vendors and buyers with some lovely items changing hands. Argyll Etkin's next Auction is in Spring 2013 and suitable material is welcomed.

For further information please contact:

Patrick Frost, Adam Cooke or Phyllis Wills

Argyll Etkin Ltd
17 Waterloo Place
London SW1Y 4AR
Email: Website
Tel: +44 (0)20 7930 6100 Fax: +44 (0)20 7930 6109


May Auction

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All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%.


  • Superb Line Engraved & Maritime material from the Michael Goodman collection.
  • First Postal Notice after 1840 stamp issue sells for £22,000
  • Fine African Airmails strongly contested
  • Burma King George VI reaches £15,000

Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction was held in London with a packed room amid a record number of registered bidders.

The auction opened with a superb group of material from the collections of the late Michael Goodman. Among the Line Engraved highlights was an important new Scottish Postal History discovery: the fifth known and earliest date of the Dunnet, Caithness 1841 manuscript cancellation. It is believed the Maltese Cross cancellation was lost in 1841 and manuscripts used until Dunnet acquired a numeral cancel in 1844. This cover sold for £3,400.

In the Goodman Maritime Mail, a fine example of the rare Cardiff ship letter duplex cancellation sold for £640, while a fine 1881Newcastle upon Tyne ship letter strike on a card from Bergen, Norway brought £435.

A discovery of the rare 7th May 1840 Post Office Notice attracted strong interest; this notice by Colonel Maberly, General Post Office Secretary, advised the British Public that adhesive stamps should be placed on the front of envelopes, in the upper right hand corner, otherwise they are liable to be taxed in error. This rare Post Office Notice was sold for a record breaking £22,000.

A Gold Medal Collection of Nyasaland and Rhodesian Airmails brought international interest and was well supported:

A 1911 London to Windsor Aerial Post red envelope addressed to Blantyre, Nyasaland sold for £1,870.

A 1931 Glen Kidston London to Cape Town flight cover brought £2,450 while a 1932 cover from Blantyre to England with scarce red double circle "Air Fee Paid Limbe " was knocked down for £700; this datestamp was only used on this one day on surface mail to England which inadvertently missed the mail train at Limbe and was despatched by airmail at no extra cost.

A 1932 Aero Philatelic Club of Calcutta printed first flight cover to Salisbury, Rhodesia from Gwadur, Persian gulf reached £640.

A fine registered cover from Zamba, Nyasaland to Brazil carried on the Zeppelin Airship in 1934 reached £2,900.

Turning to pre airmail Africa, a trio of very rare covers from Stellaland brought strong realisations given their exceptional rarity. An 1885 cover to Venterstad bearing a Stelland 4d with Twee handstamped surcharge and a Cape 1d pair tied by Barkly c.d.s. brought £8,300 - Alan Drysdall recorded only two covers existing with this stamp.

A remarkable group of Burma 1938. 1940 Essays in unadopted designs, all with the effigy of King George VI that was used for the 1937/40 issue of India sold for £15,000.

An important early Canada destination cover, from Montreal to Rome in 1863, franked with a strip of three 1859 10 cent browns, sold for £3,000.

India brought good results with an 1866 Service Postage overprint on 1/2a receipt bill stamp mint block of four (SG019) bringing £2,450.

Portuguese Colonies featured the Kionga 1917 issue on censored cover to Switzerland which reached a price of £2,800, reflecting its great rarity.

In a strong China section, an 1873 1d pink envelope uprated with 1s green and a 2d blue from Drogheda, Ireland to the remarkable destination of China Island Mission at Chinkiang brought £1,750.

A successful sale with realisations of over £388,000, sensational prices and the usual high percentage of lots sold.

Argyll Etkin's next Auction in 4th quarter of 2012 is in preparation and suitable single lots and collections are welcomed. Please contact Patrick Frost or Adam Cooke.


May Auction

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All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%.


  • Realisations of £340,000
  • Waghorn letter from Bombay to Ireland realised £6,435 against £1,800 Estimate
  • GB Anti Vaccination Printed Envelope sold for £4,680 against £2,000 Estimate
  • Tibet 1904 Expedition letter reaches £2,925 versus £500 Estimate
  • British Empire fine used stamp collections reach high prices

Argyll Etkin's Spring Auction saw brisk bidding from around the world on 870 lots.

A fine collection of Disinfected Mail was well supported, notably an 1838 letter from India to Ireland via Mr. Waghorn's service across Egypt - before the opening of the Suez Canal - which sold for £6,435.

British Pictorial Envelopes were represented by a coloured 1879 Anti Vaccination Envelope which sold for £4,680.

A very fine collection of 1924/25 British Empire Exhibitions assembled by J. Paul Watson, was well supported; a highlight was the 1924 Stadium c.d.s. on a registered cover - one of only four covers known which fetched £3,150 against a £1500 Estimate.

A collection of fine used British Empire stamps proved most popular with many strong realisations, 100% of the lots selling for over £160,000 in total.

Cyprus brought strong interest with an 1881 cover from Limassol to Nicosia franked GB 1d Red Cyprus overprint plate 217 tied numeral 975 bringing £6,900 versus an estimate of £2400.

Two remarkable 1879 Zulu War covers with letters describing the Battle of Ulundi written by Lt. Colonel J. Anstruther Thomson of the 17th Lancers, attracted strong interest and sold for £4,450 (£3,000 Estimate).

An unusual cover from a British officer with the Younghusband Expedition to Tibet posted at Lhassa in 1904 was keenly contested. Exceptional content includes "My men (of the 8th Gurkha Regiment) are little darlings, cheery as the day is long + most mightly fighters, though messy in their methods. The sight of their foe doesn't interest them unless he be cut into small pieces and variously dissected according to the inspiration of the moment. I wish you could see them at it!! The letter and envelope sold for £2,925 versus an Estimate of £500.

Over 83% of the lots sold, a very respectable result for vendors and the market continues to be robust for fine stamps and postal history.

Argyll Etkin Auction 11th and 12th November 2010:

Sale lot's 1 - 725 (11th November)
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History featuring Natal and Cape of Good Hope, Orange Free State, Bore War, Sirra Leone, Trinidad and GB.
All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%.

Please click here for prices realised.

Sale lot's 1000 - 1655 (12th November)
The Malcom Warwick Collection of Cyprus Stamps and Postal History.
All prices excluding buyers premium of 17%.

Please click here for prices realised.

[Please click the Auction Covers above to see the individual auctions at]

Including the Malcolm Warwick collection of Cyprus- an exceptional holding of stamps and postal history;

Natal- exceptional King Edward VII with proofs, colour trials, specimens and varieties;

Cape- remarkable proofs, colour trials, specimens and varieties;

Boer War postal history with unusual destinations;

GB and Empire Stampsincluding Trinidad, Hong Kong and a fine collection in Imperial Albums;

Sierra Leone postmarks and Postal History;

Gambia postmarks and Postal History;

GB Postal History including collections of WW1 Prisoner of War Mail, Newbury and District postal history and surface printed covers;

Early G.B. Revenues;

Worldwide Forgeries;

Albania Classic Stamps.



Please click here for press release.

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Please also note our extensive Auction offers on ebay which you can view here

Further enquiries to Patrick Frost, Ian Shapiro, Phyllis Wills & Adam Cooke

ARGYLL ETKIN - Auction Thursday 24 September 2009

Please click here to view the auction.

Among the items to be offered are:

Gt. Britain - Stamps, incl. Board of Education QV 1/- u.m.m, - and extensive postal history, including the "Derrick Cunliffe" Collection of Manchester & District postal history, and collections of surface-printed covers to foreign destinations, Post Office Notices and Missent handstamps. Also, Liverpool postal history, 1706 - 08 town handstamps and cancellations.

Campaign mail, incl. Boer War material, with letters, autographs, stamps & postal history. Also 1919 Allied Intervention in Russia covers.

Combination franking on re-directed mail. Aden postal history & postcards; Brunei; India; Italy, incl. States & Colonies,
POs abroad & Vatican; North Borneo; O.F.S; South West Africa & Transvaal. Also the extensive "Blackdown" collection of Switzerland stamps & postal history, suitably lotted.

Catalogues available on request.

Viewing at our offices near Piccadilly Circus (tube Exit. 3, south)
by appointment please. Also at Stampex 16 - 19 Sept, and at Regus Centre on morning of sale.

Argyll Etkin Summer Schedule:

Argyll Etkin is a stand holder at the summer Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair from 5 to 14 June " we are on stand 8 and it will be lovely to see you. If you require complimentary tickets please contact Phyllis Wills. The show promises to be most exciting with a fascinating display of material relating to Royalty and other notable figures including the important Stephen Whatley painting of President Obama; the newly discovered letters from Grand Duchess Olga and a signed photograph of the key 1957 Commonwealth Prime Ministers in the garden of 10 Downing Street.

Our next auction is scheduled for September and you are most welcome to consign material for this important event. All enquiries " please contact Patrick Frost, Ian Shapiro or Adam Cooke. If suitable you can deliver material to us at the Strand Stamp Show on 10th June 2009. The auction lots will be on view at Stampex in London between 16 and 19 September which provides vendors with a good opportunity for their property to be viewed and offers buyers a straightforward way of viewing the lots.

Argyll Etkin is travelling to Melbourne for the annual Australian show scheduled to be held 23/26 July and Patrick Frost will be in attendance to meet old and new clients. He will also represent Argyll Etkin at the APS show in Pittsburgh USA " scheduled to be held 6/9 August.

It is worth mentioning for international clients, that all Argyll Etkin stock is priced in pounds which presents favourable prices for those paying in international currencies " as the level of the pound is attractive for you compared to twelve months ago.

We look forward to meeting you or hearing from you at your convenience.

Recent Auction: Argyll Etkin auction held on Thursday 5th MARCH 2009 at 12.00pm at Regus Conference Centre No. 1, Northumberland Avenue,Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5BW

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Past Auction: Argyll Etkin auction held on Thursday 6th NOVEMBER 2008 at 11.00am at Regus Conference Centre No. 1, Northumberland Avenue,Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5BW

Extensive British Empire mint QV - QE. GB 1892 £1 IR Official strip of three.
Natal Postal History and Cancellations. Ireland IRA stamps.
Andaman Islands. Suez Canal. Mafia Island. Australia 1919 Flights. Ceylon & Iceland Proofs.

Please click here for prices realised.

Argyll Etkin auction Tuesday 4th March 2008 at Regus Conference Centre No. 1, Northumberland Avenue,Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5BW

Strong Stamp and Postal History Market see Buoyant Prices

  • Sale realises £360,000 Record.
  • 85% of lots sold.
  • Shackleton Letter sells for £12,180.

Fine Trinidad Lady McLeod 1847 Cover sells for £15,080.

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Argyll Etkin auction Thursday and Friday 27, 28 September 2007 at Regus Conference Centre. No. 1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5BW.

World record price for India Gandhi 10 rupee service stamp GBP21,850 against GBP 14,000 Catalogue Value achieved during bidding from three continents at Auction on 27th September

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Argyll Etkin staged Charity Auction in Yorkshire on 30th June 2007

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REALISES £968,000

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Argyll Etkin's Auction on 5th December of the world-renowned Kenneth Griffiths Collection of Boer War Memorabilia and Books.

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Strong interest in Boy Scouts philately, Military History, Ceylon, Hong Kong.
First time offer of 1909 Shepherds Bush Exhibition on cover.
Good prices for Gibraltar, Malta, Natal, Orange Free State and Rhodesia.

Argyll Etkin's Auction on 3rd November achieved realisations of £250,438 with 77% of lots sold.

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