Auction Date: Friday 6th of March 2020

Auction Essentials W Hotel, Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6QF

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Featuring: Worldwide Stamps and Postal History including The Dr Ian Evans Collections of Scotland and Spain, G.B Mobile Boxes & Maritime Mail, World Air Mails featuring Europe, Africa & Iraq, Rhodesia with King Lobengula Letters, G.B & World Postal History from the Alistair Kennedy Collection.

Strong results with 78% lots sold realising £383,000
Important Great Britain Stamps sold including block of four
King Edward VII £1 reaching £17,850
Great Britain Stock Exchange Forgery sells for £7,700
Great Britain Rare Folkestone Mobile for 1852 makes £1,660
1919 Iraq flight cover knocked down for £2000

Argyll Etkin’s Spring Auction began with Great Britain and offers of some magnificent Victoria, Edward VII and George V High Values; perhaps the highlight was a stunning King Edward VII De La Rue £1 green upper left corner marginal block of four unmounted mint which sold for £17,850. This was followed by exceptionally fine blocks of the 1913 Waterlow 2s6d to 10s high values at £15,500. A remarkable collection of forgeries saw two 1872 1/- green Stock Exchange forgeries plate 6 on piece ex J. De R. Phillip Collection sell for £7,700.

Also from the forgeries collection, an album of World War One and Two propaganda and intelligence forgeries sold for £1,130.

Among noteworthy Scottish material which featured the Dr Ian Evans collections, a letter posted at Aberdeen on the first day of Uniform Penny Postage on January 10th 1840 made £1,190.

A very fine entire letter of 1858 from Glasgow to Arendal, Norway franked 2s1d made £950.

An 1868 cover from Glasgow to Belfast franked 2d, compulsory registration and charged 8d handstamped with ‘Registered / Coin / Sp 16 68 / Glasgow’, the first Glasgow datestamp for use of compulsory registered mail and extremely scarce, sold for £1300.

Glasgow Postal history included a group of Madeleine Smith cancels, which realised £580.

Among Ship Mail, a 1786 Entire to Port Glasgow, probably from North America, cancelled with a newly discovered Peterhead Ship Letter handstamp, which we believe is unique, made £3,900.

A 1d Mulready envelope front posted from Dublin to Naples prepaid 1s8d in cash made £1300.

There was keen interest in Mobile Boxes and Cross Channel Mail, which featured an 1852 cover to Exeter with superb boxed ‘M-B’ in blue, the first example we have recorded in blue ink, which sold for £1660.

Airmails featured a fascinating group of material relating to 1919 and 1920 Air travel to Paris which realised £900; this included a photo postcard signed by passenger Charles Mob on the 1919 first flight by William Lawford.

The 1919 first flight from Baghdad to Cairo by pioneer RAF flight with Mosul 1anna overprint stamp, as featured in Lawrence Kimpton’s book ‘Air Mails Across the Middle East’, sold for £2000.

A 1922 group of covers from Egypt to Iraq or Persia made £1,190.

A stunning 1928 cover flown fron the Ivory Coast to England and signed by Sir Alan Cobham made £2150.

Two covers flown on the rare 1925 Quetta Flood relief flight sold for £1,550.

The 1935 Diamond Harbour Rocket Mail from Ship to Shore with the Royal Silver Jubilee vignette double printed in error was keenly sought, realising £1,400.

Wreck Mail featured a newly discovered second item of mail recovered from the wreck of ‘The European’ ex The Governor of the Cape, Sir Bartle Frere and addressed to Buckingham Palace, London, in 1877; this was knocked down for £1800.

A fascinating cover from Yunnanfu, China to England via Burma in 1905 was keenly contested. This route was permitted for a few offices in Yunnan province from 1903, and was registered in Burma at Bhamo; it sold for £1670.

An 1863/71 Hong Kong 12c stamp cancelled “D30” at the British P.O in Hiogo reached £1425.

A group of three picture postcards from Mongolia between 1912 and 1917 made £1,550.

A group of commercial covers from Qatar between 1953 and 1960 attracted special interest and sold for £3200.

Spain saw a solid collection of stamps from 1850 to 2001 sell for £1300, while a World War 2 correspondence from a volunteer in the Spanish Blue Division to his father in Madrid made £1190.

A successful day for both vendors and buyers.

Argyll Etkin’s next sale will follow Autumn London Stampex and vendors with suitable material will be welcomed at your earliest convenience.

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