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  • Sale realises £360,000 Record.
  • 85% of lots sold.
  • Shackleton Letter sells for £12,180.

Fine Trinidad Lady McLeod 1847 Cover sells for £15,080.

The Sale began with the remarkable Azouri - Obadiah Collection, formed over three generations focussing on Great Britain postal history.

Evidence of market demand included an 1840 1d Black strip of four on cover which reached £2088; 1898 10s. and £1 on a Guernsey parcel post label which was knocked down for £754 and an 1840 2d Mulready envelope used in May 1840 which sold for £1,914.

An unusual Advertising Ring envelope for 'C N Borne & Son, London W' sold for £1,102.

GB Stamps saw a corner marginal pair of 1840 Rainbow Trials sell for £4,640 and a pleasing unmounted mint block of 60 1864 1d reds realise £1,796.

A comprehensive 1911 Great Britain Coronation Aerial Post Collection saw spirited international bidding highlightling the continuing interest in this popular field. As an example, the waybill for flight No. 6 sold for £951.

A delightful collection of West African George V stamps saw a number of realisations above catalogue values with Gambia, Gold Coast and Nigeria featuring strongly. The Gambia 1912 set sold for £986 (SG Cat £470); a Gold Coast trio of 1913 £1 stamps realised £928 (SG cat £420) and a group of 1914 Nigeria keyplate issues £1,798 (SG Cat £1,110).

In Antarctic offerings, a possibly unique recorded letter from the 1914-17 Shackleton Expedition Sold for £12,180. An 1874 Falklands Black Frank cover with excellent provenance sold for £8,120 and a delightful bisect from 1892 reached £2,030.

In British Levant, an important document covering the 1919 Reopening of the British Post Office in Smyrna sold for £2,146 and a range of Crimean War and Express D'Orient items were keenly sought.

An assembly from Malta saw an 1872 1/2d orange buff imperforate sell for £1334 and a plate number pair of SG 27a 1885 4d Brown reach £4,408.

An award winning display collection of the Postal Stationery of the British South Africa Company (1892 - 1921) sold for £12,760.

A fine Tanganyika collection saw a pleasant assembly of 45 covers from the 1922 Giraffe issue sell for £2,900.

Trinidad saw the iconic 1847 Lady McLeod stamp on cover sell for £15,080, this being the first stamp issued in the British Colonies. This particular cover was sold in 1941 for $215 and in 1969 for £550.

Argyll Etkin is now preparing its next Auction which will include further original offerings of fine stamps and postal history. Suitable consignments welcomed.

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Patrick Frost, Ian Shapiro, Adam Cooke

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12th March 2008

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