Danzig/Forwarding Agents 1730 (26th July)


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Entire Letter in fine condition sent from “Danzig” to Florence, with a Forwarding Agents’ endorsement “Forwarded by (?), your humble servant, Augsburg, 4 August 1730 G(io). M. Bauer” on the reverse.  On the front is a rough manuscript “3” charge, presumably for postage from Augsburg to Florence.  The contents (see complete transcription and translation) include an important reference to the frequency of the posts from Danzig; “With the last post, on the 19th of the month …”; as this letter was written on the 26th July it is a reasonable assumption that there was a post on that day, and that there was therefore an outward post from Danzig to Augsburg once a week.  An early Forwarding Agents letter from Danzig.