Stampless cover (flap missing) to England with type I “TRISTAN / DA / CUNHA” cachet in violet, carried on the S.S. Kilbride to Lourenco Marques with boxed “T” handstamp and Lourenco Marques datestamp (Dec. 6)., backstamped in London (1 Jan. 1914) with a 5d charge mark applied in the London Inland Section and “CHARGE NOT PAID / I.S” applied upon redirection. A fine early type I cover, unusual sent via Lourenco Marques, therefore treated as foreign mail and taxed 5d. The Rev. Barrow, who received six such letters by this same mail each taxed 5d, complained to the Postmaster General about the charges, as a result of which the British Post Office agreed to treat all future Tristan mails as though they were from South Africa (and liable to postage of 1d per 1/2oz) even when carried via foreign countries.

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